A Comprehensive Guide to Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal Day Trek: A Comprehensive Guide

Morocco has extraordinary landscapes to explore, such as highly isolated Berber villages and
valleys, accessible 4000m peaks, Sahara oases, and large dunes. The country also features
beautiful architecture, a long history, and friendly people. If you are in Morocco, Mount Toubkal Day Trek is one of the best things to do.

Mount Toubkal, often called jebel Toubkal, is the highest mountain of the Atlas Mountains, with
4167 meters. Mount Toubkal trekking not a technical climbing that only needs to be physically
fit and determination. In this article, we have discussed the route of Toubkal mount, the
minimum time to trek it, and the weather conditions on Mont. This discussion will surely be a
useful guide for you on this trip.

2-day Mount Toubkal Ascent

Journey to the Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is easily accessible from Marrakech, at the heart of the trekking trails with highaltitude mountains and lush valleys. Mount Toubkal is a year-round climb, but from November
to May, the snow freezes above 3000 meters, and crampons and axes are needed.

  1.  Imlil village: The journey starts from Imlil village (1740m). Imlil village is surrounded
    by walnut groves, apple trees, and a flowing stream.
  2. Toubkal Refuge Camp: The route to Toubkal refuge camp is a 4-hour ascent from Imlil
    and passing through the shrine of Sidi Chamharuch (2350m). It is very busy route, and
    usually, people prefer it as a descent route. Many people choose the route of neighboring
    Azdan Valley to reach, where they get more scenic views than Imlil
  3. Toubkal refuge Camp (3207m): You can choose any route to reach the Toubkal refuge
    camp(3207m). Spend one night at the Refuge camp and wait for the good weather. From
    the Refuge camp, a long and steep scree slope trail climbs to the South Col, which
    ascends 750 meters to the Tizi-n Toubkal pass. Its height is 3950 meters.
  4. Summit (4167m): From the Tizi-n Toubkal pass, there is an amazing ridge, with
    breathtaking mountain views, to the top in all directions. This summit is a simple
    scramble that gracefully descends from the ridge’s steep drop. This summit presents
    spectacular view of the nearby Atlas Mountains and the view of Sahara Desert in the
  5. The North Col: Most people head back to the same trek, but there is something more for
    adventurous people; there is an amazing descent through North Col, a specular U-shaped
    6. Back to Refuge: the trekkers head back at the Refuge camp after 4 to 6 hours and have
    lunch. Most people even reach back to Imlil village and then Marrakech city on the same

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Mount Toubkal Day Trek

2-day Mount Toubkal Ascent

You cannot cover the Mount Toubkal day trek in one day; you need at least two days for this. The twoday route up and down from Imlil is by the same trail. The first day will be spent reaching the
mountains from Marrakech, the second day will be spent reaching the summit, and then returning
to Imlil village and Marrakech city.

Weather on Toubkal

Jebel Toubkal is climbable all year round, but the best time to visit there is spring. It can be
difficult to climb in winter as it is covered with snow, and a professional guide, ice axes, and
crampons are essential. While in spring season, the weather is not so cold, and there’s some snow
left on the mountains, which is the perfect condition for trekking.

imlil -2 days trip in the Atlas Mountains and valleys


Can I climb Toubkal without a guide?

It is necessary to use a guide, because this is imposed  by the authorities because you will enter the National Park of Toubkal, and let us not forget the many advantages that you will get by having a guide with you, as he is the key to knowing the culure of the population and the region, as well as you will get safety because he knows every inch of the Atlas Mountains, Getting a guide is a priority for your safety and to ensure that you enjoy the TRIP.

How difficult is Mount Toubkal Day Trek ?

Mount Toubkal is a non-technical trek, and most people can easily summit on the mount, but for
this, it is important that their physical condition is good and they are well prepared. However, it
is not an easy trek; there is always the risk of injury and even death on the climb.

When should I climb Toubkal?

Mount Toubkal is climbable all year round, but the ideal time to climb is April to May or the
autumn months from September to October. You may experience extreme weather conditions
during the rest of the year.


Hiking has become increasingly popular in Morocco in recent years. So, many options are
available here, but Jebel Toubkal is the highest mountain in the region, with a height of 4167
meters. You can cover it in two days, and you can experience some dramatic views of natural
beauty on its way. Its peak has more sensational views of the nearby High Atlas Mountains and
the Sahara Desert in the distance.